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Commercial Office Renovations in Toronto

Our commercial renovations division takes the complexity and stress out of office renovation projects. With our wealth of experience we are able to use your design concept with our renovation experience to create interiors that are on time, in budget and of the highest quality.

Examples of some of our completed projects include:

  • Retail space
  • Office space
  • Medical centres
  • Government renovations
  • Military work

If you are a company seeking a sound reinvestment, commercial renovation is one of the first areas to visit. Restoration and rival of your business property will impact your bottom line in more than just one way.

Benefits of Commercial Renovation

  • Improved employee morale– It’s no secret happy employees are more productive
  • Property Value Appreciation– Will provide a higher sale price and higher appraised value which gives you more leverage with banks
  • Rental Income Potential– If you are looking to supplement monthly mortgage costs consider renovating to allow rental of space.
  • Corporate Functions– Entertain clients, prospects and your own employees with a bar, pool room, tennis courts, lunchroom or entertainment studio in your newly renovated commercial space.
  • Reduce Energy Costs– Older buildings often suffer from poor insulation, damaged flooring, inefficient duct-work and settlement structure damage. A commercial renovation can address all of these profit sucking vampires.

The Difference between Residential & Commercial

Although commercial and residential renovation share many common elements, there are also many distinct differences. To begin with, the building codes for commercial and residential remodeling are significantly different. Generally, commercial renovations involve many more levels of planning due to uninterrupted employees and city bi-laws. Commercial and publicly accessible projects are simply more in-depth. Commercial renovations are also considered a conversion that reengineers how your current space is being used.

Medalist Construction Understands Commercial Renovations

Commercial renovation is one of Medalist Construction’s specialized remodeling services. Our experienced staff knows the challenges you are faced with when planning a commercial remodeling project. A well planned, timely and seamless commercial renovation is our goal with every project. With a natural taste for class, functionality and style you’ll quickly discover countless advantages working with licensed expert contractors that fully guarantee all workmanship.

Full 1 year on workmanship Money Back Guarantee!

Now, in case you have any lingering doubts whatsoever, I want to make it easy for you to make the right choice on such an important business upgrade. You see, I personally guarantee that when you purchase our commercial renovation services you will be able to enjoy the piece-of-mind within the next 1 year on our workmanship! Because we stand behind our projects 100% Renovation Experts has flourished into a commercial remodeling company of choice. Referrals are our number one source of new clients.

You can re-read my article above for loopholes, you won’t find any! There are absolutely none. Our 1 year on workmanship money-back guarantee is absolute. That’s how sure I am you’ll see the benefits of our services with an appreciated property value, better morale in your employees, rental income, energy savings and new entertainment space for corporate functions. Try us and see if I’m right.

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