Project Management

Medallist Construction believes that strong project management is a necessity to the completion of any successful project.

Our experience has told us that the things that matter most are timeline, staying within budget and the end result.

Business is usually heavily affected during the time of a renovation. It is because of this that we have realized how important staying within our customer’s timelines is. To do this we dedicate a project manager to each job site who communicates and organizes all trades to ensure maximum efficiency. This allows us to be in and out as quick as possible while producing the end result you deserve.

In order to produce the envisioned end result that you expect, communication is extremely important. Our project managers are in constant contact with you and all trades; this will help guarantee that the end result looks and feels like what you envisioned.

Budget budget budget, it’s all about the bottom line. Most businesses are tied to a fixed budget when renovating their space.  Our project managers can offer advice as to how to maximize your budget in order to produce a quality job without sacrificing the look you were hoping for.


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